Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Remember I said this.

Uhm... few years from now there will be this very rich and probably very famous guy. And then I will be able to say, "few years ago I sat in his office where his venture was just forming and ready to take off... and look what it is now".

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Happy Birthday!

Peace. Our fitness club is for real from now on. You are all invited into the next year's birthday party. February the 1st. Don't forget! Check out its beautiful pictures and don't forget to visit our website from time to time.


Friday, September 19, 2003

Don't argue! Vote!

Well the men followed the juniors in a high fashion, but its not this that made me to post after such a long drought. Sorry was too lazy. Even this great victory couldn't do a sh... Anyway, the reason "i got back to work" is the poll on So just go there and vote for Lithuania as the biggest challenger to the U.S. at the 2004 Olympics. Don't agree??? Let me know. I'll fix that bullshit thinking immediately. Peace.

Saturday, July 19, 2003

Lithuanian power!!!

Junior men just beat Greece in the World's semifinal (75-72)!!! This is unbelievable. Hope they got one more left. Tomorrow final against Australia. We beat them five days ago 96-87.
GO LITHUANIA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Cheap sh..

The latest fashion in the NBA/NHL is to sign with the title contender... Payton agreed with the Lakers, Malone is also leaning that way..., Kariya, Selanne went to Colorado... How pathetic is that? Just weeks ago Paul was 'the most blessed' player in the league for playing with those young, promising and finally not underestimated Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. And talks about bright future and all that stuff were very loud... And now he takes a big paycut and moves to Denver... to play for the Cup contender... Wait a minute... weren't Mighty Ducks the contenders?! He just spat into his former team's face by showing everybody that he admits that last season's playoff run was absolute fluke.

Now Payton and Malone... Both are seeing the end of the tunel. Sure, let's become Mitches Richmonds!!! Of course, they will play, they will contribute (unlike Mitch Richmond) and, most likely, they will win. But how happy you are after victory like that. It just shows that you are not the championship player, you can't take your team to the top. You can only HELP the other players (that CAN take their team)... Fine with me. But these folks lost my respect for not stepping down and admitting not being the CHAMPIONS. Just don't tell me that you will be feeling like the World Champion after you get that ring...

Carlos Tosca sucks!
Its not that bad actually, since Toronto is playing the Red Sox (one of my favorite team).
Last night they had a chance to win in the 9th:
Delgado hit a leadoff single with Myers who was 1 for 3 that day hitting next (and he is the best Jays hitter with .344). And what do you say...? Tosca pinch hits Myers with ... Wilson!!! I knew right away that it was good-bye-win decision. Wilson hit into a DP and later Jays lost in the overtime. After the game so-called manager was talking about how upset he was for not getting a win for Halladay who was red hot through 9 innings. He said it was shame for team to lose like that... Man, I would've thrown stone at him for talking like that.
I believe Jays were up 7:3 at the top of the 8th. The so-called manager for whatever reason (well... he knows best) pulled Escobar from the game. Suprisingly the Red Sox started to hammer the Blue Jays. You shoul've seen a 'briliant' team guidance of their so-called manager in the 8th. He was visiting the mound like there's no tomorrow. Four pitching changes (five if we count Kelvim) and blown lead. :)))
In the ninth Sox are up 8:7. Hope they win. I want to throw another stone at him tonight. Wonder what he'll say after the game this time...

Monday, July 07, 2003

0 for 4

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Stupid americans!

That's all I can say. The biggest bullshit ever! This year's NBA Finals had the lowest TV ratings in the past 27 years. They were even lower than that of the last year's.... Can you believe that?! So they prefer to watch boring, totaly uncompetitive and absolutely predictable 4 and 0 sweep?! Oh yeah... right, there were Shaq and Kobe. Well in that case might as well just buy NBA Highlight videotape and enjoy it. There will be plenty of Kobe and Shaq and zero defence or 'poor' shooting percentage! I mean how stupid is this reason that they are coming up as why the Finals weren't interesting: "The Nets-Spurs series also was a defensive struggle with long scoring droughts and low shooting percentages by both teams."
'Defensive struggle' is that how tough team defence is called these days?! So Tim Duncan is defensive straggler then. Oh whatever... He schooled the rest of the league with his simple, fundamental and the least flashy game and that's why they're so pissed. And yeah, they were seriously discussing his endorsement appeal the other day... Hence, TD is too dull, too 'good', too right to advertise anything. Well, I just hope he won't add any tattoos, won't start driving under the influence and won't start cheating on defence so he had more 'rest' for scoring in order to nail $ 90 million NIKE contract.
And this year's NBA Finals were the best since the Bulls-Jazz! I'm pissed big time! Because I really thought that these finals were great. And not because I am the Spurs fan. No. Because I wanted to see REAL basketball played and not some kind of juba jaba back and forth running. And I did. That's all.

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